We at Factory Fitted pride ourselves on delivering the most obscure, vintage automotive pieces that you can blend with your own style to create unique looks and outfits.  We spend a lot of time trawling through different sources to find items that have the right combination of heritage and nostalgia - without being too delicate for everyday use.

Many of these items vary in age.  Some pieces are legitimately 40 years or older, from a variety of different countries and that can cause confusion when it comes to sizing.  

As you can imagine with all vintage apparel, certain trends or styles in a time period can influence how an item is designed to fit.  Some are intended to be form-fitted, some are intentionally baggy or wide, and it literally varies from piece to piece.  Never go off the label - we always do our best to give a recommended size, and include approximate dimensions. 

Below, we've added a sizing chart to be used to with the dimensions we've added to every vintage listing.  We strongly advise you read the product descriptions and reference this chart as all vintage sales are final.