Are all these items new?

Um, yes and no.

Anything from the Factory Fitted collection is brand new and made in house.  

Vintage pieces however, are indeed genuinely vintage.  This means they might be pre-worn and not necessarily brand new - even if they appear so.  Only items marked as “Deadstock” or “New with tags” are considered unworn and new, despite their vintage. The condition of the item literally varies from piece to piece.  Some of our items are more than 40 years old and may show some signs of age.  That’s what makes them unique!  We do our best to show any blemishes or imperfections with as much detail as possible in the product photos, but please read the description before getting excited and pulling the trigger.  We know our sh*t is dope, we just want you to be completely satisfied with your experience.

Are you negotiable on price?

Nah, fam.  Prices are based on rarity.  It is what it is.

How do I know if something will fit me?

Any item from the Factory Fitted collection is true to size unless stated otherwise.

Vintage pieces are tricky though.  Sizes vary depending on the age of the item, and where it was manufactured.  Some of this stuff is pretty obscure. Don’t always go off the size on the label - read the description.  We’ll do our best to recommend the size or give approximate dimensions.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yeah!  If your country isn’t available from the menu at checkout, contact us and we’ll update it.  We got you.

How long does it take to process my order?

Orders are packed and shipped within 3-4 business days.

Can I pick up my order in person?

Nope.  All purchases will be shipped with tracking.

I have a vintage piece that I think you guys would like - would you be interested in it?

Uhhh, hell yes!  We’re always on the hunt, so if you have something that we think fits with our brand - we’d definitely be interested.  We have a pretty particular taste though - so don’t be offended if we say no.  Hit us in the “Contact” page and let’s have a look-see.

I have something specific that I want from Japan - can you get it for me?

Yeah!  Depending on what it is, we can certainly help with that.  Hit us in the “Contact” page and we’ll sort it out. 

Unless you’re looking for a “waifu” - there are other sites for that.