Factory Fitted is more than just another “lifestyle brand.”  

Factory Fitted is an eclectic amalgamation of streetwear, retro pop culture and vintage automotive heritage. 

We are constantly striving to deliver unprecedented authenticity from the aforementioned and that's what ultimately shapes our aesthetic and defines who we are, not just as a brand - but as individuals. 

Based in Melbourne Australia, the members of the Factory Fitted team have been active contributors in both the streetwear and automotive scenes for over 15 years.  We bring experience from a multitude of different areas.  Ranging from competitive driving and commentating professional motorsport events to supporting other local streetwear brands in the form of pop ups, large scale releases and writing articles for e-zines and blogs.

What we now refer to as “streetwear” and the automotive scene are obviously two entirely different entities - yet we believe they are unequivocally alike and almost beautiful in their similarity.  They have their own sub cultures, trends that go in and out of relevance and are essentially a way of expressing your individuality and style through something fairly simple - clothes and cars.  

Personally, we at Factory Fitted believe the culmination of period correctness and attention to detail blended with your own distinct personality and flair is what everyone in both these unique cultures strives to achieve.  The desire to be accepted yet different is what drives both scenes forward - and fundamentally why we believe they are one and the same.

There is no right or wrong way to either -  but authenticity, character and a little feeling of nostalgia are ideologies that we at Factory Fitted hold closest to our heart. 

We genuinely live and breathe this sh*t, and we hope that messaging is clear through our products and platform.  

We’ve been here a while and we’ve been blessed to watch the evolution of these ever-changing, gloriously intricate genres and decided we’re not going anywhere.

We're definitely here to stay. 

Stick around with us.  We don't just want to leave our mark - we ultimately want to unite these communities and continue to drive our beloved culture forward through sharing information, experiences, and preserving true nostalgia and heritage through our collected stories. 

Come through one time, we'd love to hear from you.