Saint Side Show & Shine 2021

At the risk of sounding like Vin Diesel in any of our most beloved 20 Fast & Furious instalments - "There's nothing more important than family..."

Facts Toretto, big facts.

I've attended every single annual Saint Side show since I was 20 years old, and now I'm an over opinionated 32 year old who's desperately clutching at his slipping youth while staring at the prices of 90's Japanese imports and 90's Polo pieces with the same equal mix of with contempt and disbelief whilst tending to his lawn and washed out ACLs.

Time flies, man.

So when my mentor, big brother and dear friend asked me to stray from my self-assumed role as "car show organizer", load up my best collection, my stupid Toyota and become a vendor - it was a massive honour to say the least.

Mark, Nat and the rest of the Saint Side team have been an integral part of who I am and a major influence over why I'm so hopelessly devoted to the "scene" I now call home. 

Despite it's never ending growth from a small get-together on a residential street corner to the massive community gathering that it is today, they still stop the show to wish me a happy birthday every singe year.

I will never stop repping 3021 'til i D I E - and this event will always signify that.

Thank you to the Saint Side crew, thank you to everyone who came through and chopped it up, and thank you to the day ones who made that day what it was.

Saint Side really does "do it for the culture", paid their dues AND paid it forward.  

We appreciate it.  It means the world








Words by;

Karlton Banxx 

Photos by Alex the Crook 

Video recap by:

Khang Weebkiller Nguyen